What is 3D digital twin technology?

Digital twins are an exceptional way of capturing and sharing spaces in immersive 3D and can move the needle across many industry use cases.

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How to create a digital twin:

From cameras to capabilities, discover everything you need to begin capturing, editing, and sharing in 3D.

Capture your space.

Digital twins can be created with a variety of cameras, including the phone in your pocket. From there, compatible 360 cameras deliver smoother, more accurate results, followed by the Leica BLK360 or Matterport Pro Series for advanced precision and scanning capabilities of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Alternately, our certified capture technicians are available in 700+ cities to capture and deliver your digital twin within 48 hours of booking.

Edit and document

Edit and document.

Matterport digital twins allow for easy and accurate documentation with measurements, tags, notes, and customizable tours. Editing tools such as blur and trim allow you to make adjustments for clarity and security. Plus, Matterport integrates seamlessly with existing software—from SketchUp to Revit, AutoCAD, and other BIM software—without the need for time-consuming conversions.

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Share and collaborate

Share and collaborate.

Easily shareable across real estate and travel sites, digital twins are an essential promotional tool for driving increases in leasing, sales, and bookings. For operational use cases such as facilities management, digital twins eliminate the need for unnecessary travel, allowing teams to collaborate and coordinate more efficiently without ever having to set foot on site.

Why use a digital twin?

Digital twins are an exceptional way of capturing and sharing spaces in immersive 3D and can move the needle across many industry use cases. With the launch of the Matterport mobile app, we welcomed many new members to the Matterport community and into a world where immersive 3D spaces can be created by anyone, anywhere—simply using the phone they own.

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Bringing digital twins to life with Cortex AI.

At the heart of Matterport’s digital twin software is Cortex AI, a deep learning neural network that automates many of the 3D customization steps.

Powering precision

Powering precision.

Trained on millions of real-world spaces, Matterport’s Cortex AI takes all the visual and spatial data captured from your scan and turns it into an incredibly accurate and immersive 3D digital twin.

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Simplicity through automation

Simplicity through automation.

Cortex AI automates many steps in the model creation process, including blurring faces as needed, choosing the best images from your scans, creating accurate measurements, and identifying different objects.

Once you’ve finished scanning, Cortex AI allows you to sit back and wait for your completed 3D model to render.

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