Matterport Announces New Integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Collaborate on projects more efficiently with visual site context from digital twins

We are thrilled to announce that our integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) is now available. This is a huge step forward for team collaboration throughout the entire project lifecycle. The new Matterport app for ACC, powered by Autodesk Platform Services, adds powerful functionality for project teams to send Matterport add-ons such as BIM Files (.rvt .ifc .dwg) to ACC and communicate more effectively with visual site context from Matterport digital twins.

With access to a shared digital twin, stakeholders involved in the project, from architects and engineers to contractors and owners, can easily visualize site conditions and identify potential issues before budget and schedules are impacted. This immersive experience provides valuable context to enable faster decision-making and communication among project teams, whether you’re in the office or out in the field.

Revolutionize traditional RFI (request for information) processes

The traditional way of relying on 2D files and 3D models for construction QA/QC processes has been fraught with challenges such as being inaccurate, incomplete, or difficult to understand. Our integration revolutionizes this traditional process with synced Matterport digital twin RFIs. Project teams can create and track RFIs with a visual system-of-record of site conditions to resolve issues quickly without delay. 

Now, an Autodesk RFI pin can be placed at the exact area of concern within the Matterport digital twin. This allows any stakeholder on the project to view the RFI within the same site context–expediting coordination and reducing costly delays from misunderstandings. 

ACC Blog Image 1

Streamline collaboration efforts across project teams

This integration has significant benefits for all stakeholders involved in construction projects. Owners benefit from improved communication and collaboration among project teams while ensuring timely delivery of their projects. Contractors benefit from streamlined workflows that allow them to complete their work on time while minimizing errors and rework. Architects benefit from greater visibility into how their designs will be implemented in the field while being able to suggest changes as necessary.

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With the Matterport app, you can now:

  • Send Matterport add-ons such as BIM File (.rvt .ifc .dwg) and MatterPak (.xyz) directly into your ACC projects

  • Manage, collaborate, and share your Matterport add-ons with design and build teams within ACC

  • Create and track RFIs within a Matterport digital twin and have them sync with ACC bilaterally 

Overall, our new integration with ACC represents an exciting development for architects, engineers, and construction professionals to streamline documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and communication across the entire project lifecycle. By leveraging Matterport digital twin RFIs, it’s now possible to collaborate more efficiently, ultimately leading to better outcomes for all stakeholders involved in construction projects. 

The Matterport app is available today in the Autodesk App Store for all supported regions, with future updates planned to include even more support for Matterport add-on file types, as well as functionality to create ACC “Issues” within a Matterport digital twin. Contact us for any questions or to learn more about the integration.

Note: You will need an active Matterport Business subscription plan or above, to use the integration. Create an account or learn more about upgrading plans here.


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