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Floor Plans - Hero

Floor Plans - Cards

Floor plan Real Estate Professionals

Elevate your property listings.

Help qualified buyers visualize the layout, measurements, and flow of a property. Our affordable 2D floor plans are created directly from the 3D tour, providing valuable insights to potential buyers and investors at a minimal expense.

Capture Services Photographers

Increase revenue on every job.

Bring added value to every client relationship by offering floor plans as part of each package. A simple add-on generated directly from a 3D model, floor plans are a great way to increase your revenue and set you apart from the competition. 

Floor Plans - Kick Start

Builders, Designers, Architects, Engineers

Kick-start projects with a simplified layout.

Quickly and reliably generate detailed schematic floor plans as a starting point for design and layout conversations with your clients. Floor plans are a convenient tool for creating simplified visualizations of projects, providing added clarity and improving communication.

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Floor Plans - Pricing

Fast, easy, and cost-effective.

With any paid Matterport subscription, you can get a floor plan within 48 hours.

Need it faster? Get Express (6 hours) or Fast (24 hours) for an additional fee.

Starter Plan

$19.99 / Floor Plan

Professional Plan

$14.99 / Floor Plan

*Available for upgrade to Fast or Express.

Business Plan

$12.99 / Floor Plan

*Available for upgrade to Fast or Express.


Floor Plans - How to Order

How to order your floor plan:

Step 1

Log into your account and select a model under All Spaces.

Step 2

Click on the Add-Ons tab.

*Add-Ons must be enabled in account settings by an administrator.
Step 3

Select Schematic Floor Plan.

Step 4

Place your order.

Ready to get started with Matterport floor plans?

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Floor Plans - FAQs

Floor Plan FAQs

How do I download a floor plan from Matterport?

To download a floor plan, click the link in the email sent to you by Matterport, or log in to your Matterport Account on directly. Then, go to the Space Details Page and select the Downloads tab to find your available schematic floor plan. This process will download a ZIP file containing your schematic floor plan in PNG, SVG, and PDF formats.

What is the space size limit for a floor plan?

Matterport can deliver floor plans for spaces up to 25,000 square feet. If you have an area larger than 25,000 square feet, you can split it into smaller spaces and order a floor plan for each smaller space. For example, you might break a 40,000 sqft. space into two 20,000 sqft. models, and order two-floor plans.

How accurate are Matterport floor plans?

Sizes and dimensions of Schematic Floor Plans are approximate, and the actual sizes and dimensions might vary. Measurement standards vary depending on the type of property and the surrounding locale. It's important to check your regional measuring standards to confirm that your Floor Plan is compliant.

What file formats are available for Matterport floor plans?

Matterport delivers each individual floor in the floor plan as a separate PNG and SVG file and a one-page PDF that combines all floors. The PDF is in bitmap format, not in vector file format. If you need an editable (vector) PDF, you can make one by opening the included SVG file in a vector drawing program, such as Illustrator, and then saving it as a PDF. Please contact the support team for your chosen vector drawing program if you need assistance with this process.

How are floor plans billed?

When you order a floor plan, the fee is added to your Matterport account and is billed on a monthly basis.

Why aren’t Add-Ons enabled on my account?

If you’re attempting to order a floor plan but find that the Add-Ons tab is unavailable, an administrator of the account must enable this feature within account settings.

Do you have more questions?

You can learn more about our floor plans on the FAQ page.