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Inclusive and resilient communities

Our communities are where we call home. Where we live. work and play. It's not only our responsibility but also a privilege to give back to the places and spaces we share.

Join our Exploration to Equity

Our goal is to increase community inclusion and resilience by creating equitable access to spaces. We aim to improve the way communities collaborate, explore and share the spaces they inhabit.

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Our approach to supporting communities

We aim to embed equity in everything we do including our philanthropy. We trust those on the ground, in and of the communities doing the work to tell us how they can best use a donation from Matterport. 

The following are examples of potential projects, but we welcome creative and innovative proposals to support your existing programs. 

  • Building, repairing, or renovating affordable housing for underserved populations.
  • Teaching the construction design and build process to underrepresented communities 
  • Disaster recovery in impoverished communities.
  • Community cohesion by fostering curiosity, empathy, and a shared understanding through 3D captures

Program details

We’re looking for creative and innovative proposals that demonstrate equity-based solutions to building community resilience through access to spaces. We are especially interested in projects/programs that include marginalized, disenfranchised and/or vulnerable populations. 

A few guidelines:

  • Organizations must be a US-based 501c3, K-12 school or university
  • Programs can support national, regional or local initiatives
  • Organizations should demonstrate capacity to manage a donation from Matterport
  • We welcome joint applications from nonprofits working together on a project
  • Organizations can apply for support one time per calendar year
Matterport Cares logo
Matterport Cares

Our employees bring unique life experiences that affect their view of the world. Matterport is committed to supporting the causes our employees care about the most in their own communities. Through Matterport Cares, we offer company matching contributions for their monetary donations and volunteerism.

Are you interested in learning more about our social impact programs?

We'd love to learn more about your organization and how we can support your efforts to create more equitable access to spaces.

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