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ESG page - Globals

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We are driven to reduce our carbon footprint and safeguard the planet for future generations.

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We are dedicated to empowering our employees, our customers, and our communities.

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We are committed to sound governance and ethical conduct that upholds the law.

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ESG page - Environmental


The Matterport platform is sustainability in action. By turning millions of buildings and other physical spaces into 3D digital twins, we empower people across the world to work in smarter ways that put less strain on the planet. And we’ve challenged ourselves to lead by example. Since 2022, we have been formalizing our environmental and climate risk strategies by gathering data on our greenhouse gas emissions so we can measure, monitor, and reduce our own carbon footprint.

Environmental Management

CO2 emissions icon
11,669 tCO2e.

total greenhouse gas emissions for 2022*

Recycling icon

of our electronic waste was sent to a certified specialist recycling firm

* Estimated calculation includes Scopes 1, 2, and 3. While less than 1% of our greenhouse gas emissions are generated from sources we own and operate, we’re committed to reducing emissions across our entire value chain.

Product Impact

By reducing the need for business travel, Matterport digital twins have the potential to greatly support our customers’ sustainability efforts. In 2022 alone, Matterport digital twins have resulted in an estimated 382,640 fewer tCO2e from being emitted.*

Pink down arrow 382,640 tCO2e
Lowered emissions through reduced business travel with Matterport Digital Twins.*

On average, each digital twin avoids around

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0.15 tCO2e

from being emitted.

The equivalent of driving a personal car for around

Stylized car with CO2 bubble
451 miles.
ESG stats
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Supply chain

Our commitment to ESG extends to the partners we choose to work with. We are reassessing our full value chain in favor of suppliers that collect and disclose their emissions data as part of their transparency and sustainability efforts.

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ESG - Recycling


Our sustainability standards extend throughout our product lifecycle to include free recycling and refurbishment of Matterport-branded items through our partnership with BlueStar Recycling. BlueStar works closely with regulatory agencies and authorities to meet and exceed environmental standards around the world.

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Return Matterport-branded e-waste to:

BlueStar Recycling
5625 Brisa St Suite A
Livermore, CA 94550

ESG page - Social


Be a leader. Be the customer. Be inclusive. These are Matterport’s guiding principles and are baked into everything we do. We seek out different voices, engage in honest conversations, and encourage all our employees to share their ideas, no matter what their role is at the company. By empowering our workforce, we boost job satisfaction and make our technology smarter for everyone.

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Accessible Products and Services

We believe our goal of digitizing the built world can only be achieved when our products, services and 3D Digital Twin Platform are accessible to everyone. We engage our customers, Matterpeeps and others, using their feedback and insights to make our products and services more accessible. We also work with accessibility experts and tools, improving the user experience and applying relevant standards. Our efforts to improve accessibility include working to comply with international standards. We published our first voluntary accessibility report for our Matterport Discover website in October 2022.

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As a global company, Matterport is committed to creating a diverse workforce reflective of our users, customers, and the communities where we live and work. We see our differences as strengths to be shared and celebrated, which led us to establish our Employee Resource Groups.

Two employees talking in a conference room

Employee Resource Groups

Sharing personal and professional experiences and your authentic identity is the first step for creating an inclusive culture. And we created these Employee Resource Groups to offer a safe platform to begin conversations and connect on a deeper level.

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Community Impact

Giving back to the places and spaces we collectively share is more than a responsibility—it’s a privilege—and one that we take very seriously as a company. By leveraging our people, products, and services, we aim to strengthen and empower the communities we call home.

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Matterport Cares

Matterport is committed to supporting the causes our employees care about the most in their own communities. Through Matterport Cares, we offer company matching contributions for their monetary donations and volunteerism.

Our first ever week-long event dedicated to service was launched in November 2022. We intend for Matterport Cares Week to be an annual event offering our worldwide workforce the chance to make a positive impact at a local and global level through a mixture of individual, team, and company-sponsored events, both online and in their communities.

Matterport engineering team in break room
Matterport employees volunteering at a food bank
Happy Matterport employees

ESG page - Governance


At Matterport, we believe in operating with integrity at every level and in every instance. Beyond strict compliance with laws governing ethical conduct, we’re committed to creating a culture that empowers, upholds, and protects ethical decision making from the ground up.

Board Structure

Our five directors bring a diverse set of skills, experience, and perspectives to the Board as determined and reviewed on an annual basis by the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

RJ Pittman headshot RJ Pittman Chief Executive Officer
Peter Hebert headshot Peter Hebert Director
Jason Krikorian headshot Jason Krikorian Director
Mike Gustafson headshot Mike 'Gus' Gustafson Director
Susan Repo headshot Susan Repo Director
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ESG page - Ethics

Ethics and Compliance

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Global Company-Wide Compliance Training Program

Mandatory for all employees, our compliance training program covers our code of business conduct, our whistleblower program, and our anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies. Learn more about our trainings:

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Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Matterport is committed to upholding our customers’ trust in their data security. We demonstrate this by maintaining their data security, privacy, and availability within our systems. We continue to invest in enterprise-grade certification of our practices, showcasing our transparency and commitment to the highest levels of enterprise service.

Cybersecurity frameworks and certifications:

SOC 2 Type II Attestation
NIST Cybersecurity Framework
We are working towards ISO 27001 certification

ESG page - Policies

Our ESG Policies

* Matterport followed best-practice guidance from the World Resources Institute and GHG Protocol when calculating the avoided emissions. A consequential estimation approach was applied and results were calibrated based on a conservative approach.

ESG - Past Reports

Past Reports

ESG 2021