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AEC - Capture Document Collaborate

Capture, document, and collaborate with unmatched 3D visual clarity.

Use Matterport digital twins to speed up every step of your design and build process.

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  • As-built documentation
  • Condition assessments
  • Design/risk assessments
  • Concept/detailed design
  • Construction planning
  • Scan-to-CAD / BIM file
  • Estimation


  • Progress monitoring
  • QA/QC
  • Issue & RFI coordination
  • Work package sign off
  • Milestone documentation
  • Safety training

Commissioning / Handover

  • Closeout documentation
  • FM database
  • Spec/warranty documentation
  • Training/onboarding asset
  • Building promotion asset

AEC - Digital Twins

Explore two stages of the same build.


AEC - Easy and fast reality capture


Easy and fast reality capture.


Capture as-built conditions and project milestones, bringing the clarity of photorealistic 3D scans to your AEC workflows.

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AEC - Stats

Matterport customers have experienced:


decrease in in-person site visits from project stakeholders

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reduction in site survey costs and BIM file creation

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cost and time savings with increased collaboration and faster decision-making

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of project issues resolved without escalation

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Minimize site visits.

Whether providing safety trainings or performing quality inspections, Matterport digital twins give project stakeholders secure, 24/7 access to the job site at any stage of the project.


Streamline as-built model creation.

Remove the need for manual measuring and expedite the creation of as-built models by using Matterport to generate high-density point clouds and LOD 200 BIM Files. Export files (.E57, .XYZ, .OBJ, .RVT, .IFC, .DWG) as a baseline to kickstart your model development process.

Notes on a digital twin

Collaborate in context.

Digitize your QA/QC process and eliminate miscommunication using Matterport digital twins. Identify issues before they impact project budgets and schedules.

AEC - The right tools

The right tools for the job.

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Matterport’s platform works with a variety of cameras. Choose which are right for your job site.

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Keep your data private, secure, and in one place.

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Measure, tag, and comment on any part of a job site from any device.

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Bring visual clarity to your workflows in Autodesk, Procore, and other AEC software.

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Integrate with tools you already use.

Connect the Matterport digital twin platform with your existing project management software to enable seamless collaboration among stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. Streamline workflows, eliminate information loss, and communicate project issues with 3D visual site clarity.

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AEC - Testimonials

You'll be in good company.

“We share a Matterport within 24-48 hours of scanning the space, helping us quickly share the status of a site and discuss what needs to be done. We’ve saved time and money not only by minimizing site visits, but by helping us notice smaller issues early on, which could become larger issues later in the construction process.”

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Farbod Mehr Technology Consultant

“Matterport digital twins provide not only the high quality and precision to meet the needs of operations staff, but also allow overseas stakeholders to perform remote quality assurance verification, leading to significant reductions in travel and labor costs.”

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Yasutomo Matsuoka Chief Researcher

“Two-dimensional blueprints and plans don’t give a sense of how a space will come together the way Matterport digital twins do. Our clients can experience a space without setting foot inside it. Matterport is a game-changer for our company and our industry.”

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David Purdy Senior Vice President

AEC - Matterport Difference

The Matterport difference for architecture, engineering, and construction.

Matterport + Autodesk


Bring 3D visual clarity to your Issues workflow in Autodesk Construction Cloud

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A woman in the AEC industry wearing safety equipment and using a laptop with a Matterport model on the screen


Benefits, Challenges & Best Practices for Using Digital Twins in Construction

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Reduce your carbon emissions with Matterport

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